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DevExpress ASP.NET Grid Control Introduces Batch Edit

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The DevExpress ASP.NET Grid control (ASPxGridView) included with the recently released 13.2 edition enables ASP.NET and MVC developers to modify a batch of grid data on the client side and send it to the server in one request. It enables end users to edit records using only the keyboard without making use of mouse.

ASPxGridView control has been updated which enables end users to preview those records which have been changed before finally sending it to the server. Moreover, it is also possible to choose the color for the cell that has been edited.

With the help of GridView control, users will be able to get helpful notifications if they perform any action during batch editing stage. For instance, if you attempt to sort the column after selecting value from a cell, you will view the following message

In order to enable batch editing functionality, you need to set Mode property to Batch. After that the data can be modified using in-line editors and the modified cells will be visible in green color. Once you enable batch editing, all the changes are retained on the client side until the Save changes link is clicked. It is also possible to cancel all changes by selecting the Cancel changes link.

InfoQ had a chat with Mehul Harry, Software Developer, DevExpress to know more information about ASPxGridView control.

InfoQ: Can you share with us the benefits of GridView batch edit?

GridView BatchEdit allows the following benefits:
  • Users edit the records in the DevExpress ASPxGridView, with Batch Edit, using the keyboard only. This saves time as they don't have to reach for the mouse.
  • Once they're finished editing or inserting then they can review all their changes at once.
  • They can also cancel or save their changes at once.

InfoQ: Does the batch edit feature is touch enabled?

Yes, DevExpress ASP.NET controls support touch. In fact we have a new theme that works great for touch devices and desktop browsers

InfoQ: Can you share few scenarios where batch editing will be useful?

Batch editing is great for users who need to edit a set of data and not have the records update until the end-user feels they are ready to upload and commit the changes to the database.

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