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InfoQ Homepage News Essential Studio Enterprise 2013 Volume 4 Adds LightSwitch, Localization and New Improvements

Essential Studio Enterprise 2013 Volume 4 Adds LightSwitch, Localization and New Improvements

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The recently released Essential Studio Enterprise Edition 2013 Volume 4 includes addition of new JavaScript controls such as rich-text editor, map, tree map, range navigator, barcode, date-time picker and rotator. The release also adds bullet graph, gauge, map, tree map, range navigator, sparkline and OLAP client extensions for LightSwitch with support for Windows 8.1 and Visual Studio 2013.

The latest release includes 3D chart support for WinRT, WPF, Silverlight, and Windows Phone suites in addition to format manipulation libraries which enables Word, Excel and PDF files to be read and written on Windows Phone including enhancements to WinRT Grid control, PDF viewer and rich-text editor.

With the help of the recent release, localization can be applied to the report viewer and designer. Moreover, WPF charts provide support for customized fast bitmap lines series and various types of trend lines.

"Touch support has been added to the Windows Forms Chart control to provide new interactivity through a touchscreen, such as zooming in and out on chart data," said Morgan Cartier, Syncfusion.

Essential Studio 2013 Volume 4 introduces tree maps, linear gauges, digital gauges and maps to the Windows Forms suite including new server-side wrappers that allow all JavaScript controls to be easily used in ASP.NET MVC. Moreover, the MVC report viewer provides drill-through support for chart segments and map shapes.

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