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InfoQ Homepage News Webix 1.3 Adds New Skins, HTML5 Video Element and Updated Charts Widget

Webix 1.3 Adds New Skins, HTML5 Video Element and Updated Charts Widget

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Webix 1.3 has been released with the addition of new skins, UI elements and several improvements. It includes skins such as air, compact, clouds, glamour, light, metro, terrace and web which enables you to modify the user interface of applications so that it looks either soft or very bright.

You can easily integrate the skins into your application since all the related CSS files for skins reside in the codebase/skins folder of the package. In order to apply Air skin the following code should be used.

<script src="../codebase/webix.js"></script>  
<link href="../codebase/webix.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

Similarly, the application of Clouds skin will look like

<script src="../codebase/webix.js"></script>
<link href="../codebase/skins/clouds.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css">

The Webix official documentation examines the usage of all the new skins in detail. Webix 1.3 includes a new HTML5 video element with support for MP4, WebM and Ogg that enables you to build multimedia based apps and the usage will look like as shown below

    src: ["data/movie.ogv","data/movie.mp4"]

The latest release also provides improved Carousel which provides various navigation types and improved usability. It is primiarily designed to present components in one view with the ability to switch between them by clicking on the dedicated buttons or sliding on touch devices. The usage of carousel looks like as shown below

        { view:"template" },
        { view:"chart" },
        { view:"datatable" },
        { rows:[...]} //layout

Webix 1.3 also includes Charts widget that has been updated to use a logarithmic scale which enhances the opportunities for data representation.

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