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InfoQ Homepage News Wix 3.8 Adds VS 2013 Support in Votive and WiX Native Library and Bootstrapper Application Functions

Wix 3.8 Adds VS 2013 Support in Votive and WiX Native Library and Bootstrapper Application Functions

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Wix, Windows installer package tool, has released version 3.8 with support for Visual Studio 2013 in Votive and WiX native libraries. It includes bootstrapper application functions which extends WixStandardBootstrapperApplication. The release provides an ability to detect Windows 8.1 in Burn in addition to detecting properties in WixVSExtension using Visual Studio 2013.

The fun.AutoVersion preprocessor function has been updated to provide automatic version numbers in addition to new WixStandardBootstrapperApplication themes. Moreover, the release has been refreshed in such a way that options in CloseApplication will send end-session messages and developers will view a prompt message if programs are still running. It also terminates the process if gentler requests are ignored.

While ThmUtil provides support for hidden controls and transparent images, LocUtil includes support for gathering default language resources instead of requiring region-specific language resources.

Wix v3.8 fixes few bugs where Publish@Property doesn't accept WixVariables, AssemblyFolders missing when running x64 MSBuild and when harvesting project from Visual Studio 2010 generate errors for .resx. It also fixes a bug where bootstrappers variables are not determined after reboot. The release also provides documentation for .NET Framework 4.5 properties and fixes a issue which causes heat.exe to hang under 100% CPU.

In the previous release, wrong ID for Slovenian language has been specified which has been fixed in v3.8. Moreover, the recent release ensures that all Visual Studio 2013 SKUs are detected in WixVSExtension and also provides a fix where Visual Studio Add Reference dialog doesn't show BootstrapperCore assembly.

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