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JArchitect v4.0 Released

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Version 4.0 of JArchitect by CoderGears, a tool used to manage Java code bases and application development, is now available.

JArchitect allows architects and developers to analyze a code base, automate code reviews, and facilitate refactoring and migration.

The previous version JArchitect v3.0 was released in September 2012 and introduced features like the new CQLinq query language and Mac support.

New features in JArchitect v4.0 include:

  • A new dashboard panel that shows the state of the current code base at a glance as well as a comparison to a baseline.
  • Monitoring trends on 50 default “Trend Metrics” as well as custom trend metrics. These can be displayed through Trend Charts.
  • Integrating Plug-in that supports importing XML result files from Pmd, FindBugs, CheckStyle, and other Java static analysis tools.
  • Focus on recent rules violations (by using filters) that occur on code elements added or re-factored since a baseline.
  • Listing rules and queries according to common criteria, and quickly listing all violated rules.
  • Major UI enhancements and modernized menu organization.
  • Enhanced and redesigned reports include trend metrics charts and more information.

The documentation has been upgraded for the new release including comprehensive descriptions of the new features.

For more information and a 14 day free trial refer to the JArchitect website.

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