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InfoQ Homepage News Modest Update to VS2013 Raises Expectations for Update 2

Modest Update to VS2013 Raises Expectations for Update 2

The self-described “small update” to Visual Studio 2013 has officially been released. The primary focus of this update is on bug fixes and to provide IE9 support which is of special importance to developers unable to upgrade to IE10 on their development machine.


Despite the lack of major features, nearly all developers using VS2013 will want to install this update, starting with those requiring IE9 support. All developers will benefit from the numerous bug fixes provided, which notable includes Nuget 2.7.2, SignalR 2.0.1, and editing support for MVC 5.1. Random crashes that occurring for some users using C++ have also been fixed.


Alongside the release of Update Microsoft's Brian Harry revealed that the second update to VS2013 will be available in CTP form soon, and this one promises to include many more features. In particular improvements to Git and Agile Project Management is mentioned. The ability for the Git tools to support SSH has been While Update 1 is only applicable to VS2013, Update 2 will be released for both VS2013 and Team Foundation Server.


The installer package is available for those who want to apply the patch directly to their system. Those looking for offline installations or to save bandwidth on updating multiple machines can download the provided ISO which weighs in at 245 megabytes (total space used for the installation is reported at 340 megabytes). Full details of all changes included in this release are available in the release notes. This update is for use on all editions of VS2013, both the express and paid versions. Finally, there has been accompanying update for those using the Remote Tools for VS2013.

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