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InfoQ Homepage News OpenAccess ORM Q3 2013 SP1 Adds VS 2013 Support, Discontinued Classic Wizards, Oracle 9i and MySQL 5

OpenAccess ORM Q3 2013 SP1 Adds VS 2013 Support, Discontinued Classic Wizards, Oracle 9i and MySQL 5

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Telerik has released OpenAccess ORM Q3 2013 SP1 with support for Visual Studio 2013, classic wizards, Oracle 9i and MySQL 5.0. The design time tools available with the recent update is fully compatible with Visual Studio 2013 and sample projects can be opened with the new IDE. It also includes Fluent API Dictionary mapping improvements using types guidelines such as length, scale and "max" size.

Telerik has also announced that OpenAccess classic wizards will be discontinued beginning with the next release except configuration based mapping and the OQL engine. Moreover, Oracle 9i support will not be available beginning with the forthcoming releases since the upcoming releases will have full support for Oracle 12c.

The upcoming service packs of OpenAccess ORM will not feature support for MySQL 5.0 since Oracle has stopped its support lifecycle in December 2011 and has advised the developers to make use of either MySQL 5.5 or 5.6.

With the help of the recent release, developers will be able to specify a specific isolation level such as Read Uncommitted, Read Committed and Snapshot. Moreover, since the ORM tool will not make use of transactions for read operations, it can be explicitly specified via BackendConfiguration.Runtime.ReadWithoutTransactions.

According to official sources, support for Visual Studio 2008 will be discontinued with the next release since Microsoft has already stopped support for VS 2008 in September 2013. OpenAccess ORM Q3 2013 SP1 also includes several improvements related to PostgreSQL, SQLite and LINQ which will have support for non-column expressions in join key selectors.

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