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InfoQ Homepage News Pieter Gheysens on Visual Studio Release Management

Pieter Gheysens on Visual Studio Release Management

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Visual Studio Release Management enables you to create workflows such as copy files, create IIS sites, install MSIs via drag and drop. You can also make use of the same deployment for every environment and schedule builds from within Visual Studio. It also helps you to visualize the release pipeline and monitor the process so that you will be updated with the latest status at any time.

In order to work with Visual Studio Release Management, you require access to either Visual Studio Ultimate, Premium or Test Professional editions. You should install both the release management server and client in addition to installation and configuration of a deployment agent.

InfoQ had a chat with Pieter Gheysens, Visual Studio ALM MVP and Founder, Sparkles, a Belgium based consulting company to know more about Visual Studio Release Management

InfoQ: Can you share with us the purpose of Visual Studio Release Management?

The purpose of VSRM is to have a reliable and auditable release pipeline. With release management in Visual Studio, teams are able to configure, approve and deploy software applications for any environment.

InfoQ: Does Visual Studio Release Management improve developer productivity?

VSRM doesn't necessarily improve developer productivity but it helps to deliver software more frequently and easily to a specific environment for testing and validation. This triggers early feedback to increase the quality of the application as soon as possible.

InfoQ: Does Visual Studio 2013 ships with Visual Studio Release Management?

VSRM is an add-on for Team Foundation Server which was released with the Visual Studio 2013 release, but the product also targets older versions of TFS (TFS 2010 + TFS 2012)

InfoQ: What kind of applications can be managed with Visual Studio Release Management?

Any application which can be deployed on a Windows environment.

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