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Open Source Active Directory Libraries for iOS and Android

With iOS and Android easily beating out Windows Phone for the attention of CEOs, it should come as no surprise that more corporations are basing their mobile strategy around non-Microsoft operating systems. But with Windows serving as the backbone of most corporate infrastructures, integration between mobile platforms and Active Directory can become quite important.

Acknowledging their role in the new ecosystem, Microsoft has started building Azure Active Directory libraries for Android and iOS. These libraries are currently in a preview state and are in active development. As with many of the Microsoft’s recent offerings, the source code is being offered under the Apache 2 License.

Other platforms are in the works. Brandon Werner of the Windows Azure Active Directory team writes,

Through the next few months, we continue to release other libraries, and their supporting documentation, as we work with MS OpenTech. This includes the ADAL libraries for .Net and Windows RT that we've already released, as well as new ADAL libraries for node.js, Java, and PHP. We will continue to release signed builds for those that require it.

An interesting note is that the teams involved are not using Microsoft’s Visual Studio Online, nor are they using the TFS and git-based CodePlex. Instead they are employing GitHub to distribute the source code for the libraries.

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