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InfoQ Homepage News ActiveReports 8 Adds Maps, HTML5 Viewer, Advanced Barcodes and Windows Azure Support

ActiveReports 8 Adds Maps, HTML5 Viewer, Advanced Barcodes and Windows Azure Support

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ActiveReports 8 has been released with support for maps, localization, multi-tenant reporting, data caching, RSS14Stacked, RSSLimited and MicroPDF417 barcodes in addition to touch support for Windows and WPF Viewer. The maps report enables you to add data visualization in reports with spatial and analytical geographical representation. It also provides support for a wide range of views and projections including the ability to add vector layers and Virtual Earth tile layers from Microsoft Bing service with your API key.

ActiveReports 8 includes a HTML5 viewer optimized for mobile devices with the ability to customize and integrate with your web applications using public API. Moreover, the viewer also provides features such as offline reports, drill through with search mechanism. The server report designer provides support for multi-tenant reporting and includes an SDK for boosting self-service BI.

In addition to the above features, ActiveReports 8 includes multiple report types, flexible .NET API with support for data based retrieval, transformation, visualization, layout and rendering. It also includes an ability to easily migrate reports from Microsoft Access and SAP Crystal Reports in addition to localization support with locale-specific text and XCOPY deployment.

ActiveReports 8 includes built-in viewers for HTML5, Windows Forms, WPF, HTML, Adobe PDF and Flash with search functionality, hyperlink interaction, table of contents, advanced encryption, Excel, RTF, support for multi-page zoom view and international font. Moreover, ActiveReports reporting engine provides support for Windows Azure under both partial and full trust environments.

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