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InfoQ Homepage News Google Cast SDK Adds MPEG-DASH, Adaptive and HTTP Live Streaming Support

Google Cast SDK Adds MPEG-DASH, Adaptive and HTTP Live Streaming Support

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Google Cast SDK has been released with support for adaptive streaming including MPEG-DASH, HTTP Live Streaming (HLS) and Smooth Streaming. It includes several security enhancements in addition to updated Cast_Icons and GoogleCastIcons.

With the help of the SDK, developers will be able to integrate Chromecast into both new and existing mobile apps and websites. The latest release, available for Android, web and iOS platforms incorporates Google Cast Android API with Google Play services and also includes completely overhauled APIs.

Google Cast enables users to control content from a small devices such as a phone, tablet or laptop to a large display device like a television.In order to work with the SDK you need to plug it into your existing mobile and web apps and publish through Google Cast developer console.

You will be able to display content on Chromecast using the default media player and also customize with your own branding and style using CSS. It is also possible to build your own custom receiver application by making use of all the available streaming protocols using standard web technologies for non-media applications.

Google provides sample apps for Android, iOS and Chrome platforms including a cast companion library for Android. According to official sources, all Chromecast devices has been updated with support for Google Cast SDK. Moreover, an extension for Chrome and iOS with support for recently released SDK is slated to be released today. However, the API for Android will be released within a couple of days along with Google Play services 4.2 update.

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