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InfoQ Homepage News New InfoQ Feature: Follow Your Favorite Topics with RSS

New InfoQ Feature: Follow Your Favorite Topics with RSS

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A new feature that was added to InfoQ for 2014 is RSS feeds for topics. This way you can now use an RSS reader to follow your favorite topics, and never miss a post about them.



Some examples of topical feeds include: 

As regular InfoQ users might have noticed already, all the content our editors publish on a daily basis is carefully tagged with a selection of topics that are taken from a taxonomy of close to 3,5k terms!

This taxonomy is proprietary to our platform and has been evolving since 2006 with the efforts of our editorial team. For many years, users have been able to access directly the content they are interested in, by visiting the pages for those topics.



For example try visiting to access all content that has been tagged as “HTML5”. You can even filter by content-type and only request “News”, “Interviews”, etc.

We hope you enjoy this new feature, and we look forward to receiving your feedback about improvements you’d like for

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