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Java EE 8 Survey Last Call


Oracle has announced the third and final round in a series of community surveys inviting the Java EE community to weigh-in on the shape of Java EE 8, the next version of Java Enterprise Edition, and the Glassfish reference implementation.

The prior two surveys were announced in Dec 2013 and Jan 2014.

According to Oracle Java EE/GlassFish evangelist Reza Rahman's Aquarium blog,

"While part one and two focused on specific features, this last part is all about assigning priorities to the most important features."

The survey introduction adds

"We can't do everything on this list in one release, and there will certainly be things not on this list that we'll need to do. But we want your help telling us how you would spend limited resources on the items on this list."


In Oracle's analysis of the earlier survey results some of the features enjoying the strongest showing were:

  • 79% felt it was important to include the JSR for Java API for JSON Binding
  • Over 77% called for a standardized Java API for server-side events
  • 79% asked for security interceptors in Java EE 8
  • Over 77% preferred RESTful Deployment, Management, and Monitoring APIs, over JMX or others.
  • 74% asked for pruned down EJB 2.x remote and local interfaces.

A suprising 40% said it was not time to converge on a NoSQL standard.

The new survey simply asks the respondents to assign 100 points across 13 categories, such as JCACHE, "Java API for JSON Binding", and "Improvements in Logging"

The latest survey will be closing on Monday, March 24, 2014 at 12 AM Pacific Time.


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