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InfoQ Homepage News The Shallot 2014 Edition Published

The Shallot 2014 Edition Published

This year's edition of The Shallot has been released.  The Shallot is an online magazine which conducts deep analysis of the state of the information technology industry looking at a broad range of topics.

This year's edition covers important areas such as:

  • CEO with Tourettes Mistaken as Visionary 
  • Pivoteers, Inc Celebrates Ten Years of Pivoting
  • Outsourcing of Executives Returns High Shareholder Value
  • Scrum Team Abandons Story Points for Bitcoin
  • Self-Directed Team Chooses Command-and-Control Structure: Waits for Manager to Make Decisions

Publication of The Shallot is the result of deep investigitave journalism and analysis over the previous year  by a team of dedicated reporters from all around the world, which is why it takes a whole year for an edition to be produced.


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