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TypeScript 1.0 Released

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Microsoft has released the official 1.0 release of TypeScript, its language built as a superset of JavaScript.  TypeScript is a first class language supported by Microsoft and is natively supported in both VS2013 and VS2012.  Jonathan Turner, TypeScript Program Manager, has announced that with this release Microsoft is opening the language to accept public contributions and to promote continuing growth.

TypeScript is intended to make the creation of large-scale JavaScript applications easier to maintain and support.  With this release Turner states TypeScript can be used by developers with the understanding that type definition files based on 1.0 will be supported by future releases. 

There are several ways to obtain this release.  It is supported in VS2012 via a power tool from Visual Studio Gallery.  Visual Studio 2013 users can obtain the release via the Update 2 RC package.  Eclipse users can an install a plugin to obtain editor support for TypeScript.  Finally the source code is available on CodePlex while there is a npm package available for those who prefer that format.  TypeScript uses the open source Apache License.   Turner notes that developers interested in contributing to TypeScript should consult the guidelines listed on the TypeScript wiki.

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