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Ravello Now Supports Google Cloud Platform


Ravello Systems recently announced how to accelerate development of complex and mobile applications with Ravello on Google Compute Engine.

Ravello Systems, a provider of virtualization solutions, spreads its effort on leveraging the job of development and testing teams, by integrating with Google Cloud Platform, adding to Amazon AWS/EC-2, Rackspace and HP Cloud, the cloud solutions already supported in Ravello.

In the following day-by-day use cases referred on the April 25th Press Release, teams can take full advantage of this effort:

  • Accelerating backend development and testing:
    • Every code commit can be tested instantly on a replica of the production environment as part of the continuous integration process.
    • Multiple identical copies of the production environment can be spun up to allow for parallel automatic/manual testing, resulting in a faster testing cycle.
  • Accelerating mobile / web client development and testing:
    • Developers can run Android on Google Compute Engine to run scale tests of thousands of Android clients.
    • Developers can test different browser versions including Chrome, Firefox, Safari - all in parallel using Selenium GRID with Selenium WebDriver.
  • Accelerating development and testing for existing complex applications from private data centers without any modifications:
    • Existing VMs (e.g., from VMware) can be uploaded onto Ravello and run on Google Compute Engine, without modifying the VMs or networking.


Google and Ravello held a technical session during which they presented a typical usage scenario, a collaboration app with:

  • A team of ten people, geographically distributed over Europe and United States.
  • Lots of pressure because the business needed it yesterday.

Besides the main functionalities already offered by Ravello Platform, they have shown how testing capabilities are leveraged supported by a native Android environment.

As referred by Rami Tamir, co-founder and CEO of Ravello Systems,

By enabling the use of Google Cloud Platform with Ravello, we are empowering developers to take advantage of the performance being delivered by Google's infrastructure


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