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InfoQ Homepage News Chrome Dev Editor: A New JavaScript and Dart IDE

Chrome Dev Editor: A New JavaScript and Dart IDE

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A Google engineer has made available Chrome Dev Editor (CDE) during Google IO 2014, a new IDE for creating Chrome Apps and web apps for the desktop and mobile devices. CDE supports JavaScript and Dart.

Built as a Chrome App itself, Chrome Dev Editor is yet another tool from Google attempting to simplify development. It can be installed from the Chrome Web Store, and it comes with several templates providing boilerplate code for: JavaScript apps using Polymer, Polymer components, Web Starter Kit apps, JavaScript Chrome apps, or simple JavaScript and Dart apps. Templates for JavaScript Polymer Chrome Apps and Chrome Extensions are to follow.

CDE is a Polymer application written in Dart and incorporates the Ace editor, which in turn is based on Cloud9 IDE and Mozilla Bespin/Skywriter, an embeddable editor that supports syntax highlighting for over 100 languages. Being a Chrome App, it has access to the file system and can communicate with mobile devices via USB. CDE supports the last two versions of all major desktop and mobile browsers.

Chrome Dev Editor runs a local webserver for testing the projects developed, and can deploy an app directly to the Chrome Web Store or a mobile device, currently only Android. It has integrated Git as a version control system.

Chrome Dev Editor is currently a Developer Preview. It is open sourced under Apache 2.0 and the source code is available on GitHub.

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