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Docker Gets Ignore, Auto-Pauses Containers On Commit

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Docker 1.1.0 was recently released, within a month of the 1.0 release, with several features such as .dockerignore, pausing of containers when a commit is made to them, tailing logs and several other improvements.

Some notable features and changes -

  • .dockerignore allows you to ignore certain files and directories when sending the files to the daemon
  • docker commit now automatically pauses the container to which the commit is being made (can be disabled). This is a convenience feature, since committing to running containers was not recommended in any case.
  • Can tail logs of a container to get last x lines of a log
  • Can add tar file as context for "docker build"
  • Can bind-mount entire file system (/) to a container

There are also several performance, API and other minor improvements. For a complete list, have a look at the release announcement.

Docker is a virtual containerization technology which allows developers and Ops teams to build, ship and run distributed applications. There have been several updates recently surrounding docker, including it becoming production stable last month. Do read about the top Docker misconceptions, to understand the potential pitfalls and alternatives before considering docker for your next project. 

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