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InfoQ Homepage News Agile 2014 Vendor Roundup #3

Agile 2014 Vendor Roundup #3

Continuing the vendor roundup for the Agile2014 conference sponsor/exhibitors – this is what vendors wrote in to say about their products and why they’re supporting and attending the conference. 

Rally Software

Rally offers software and services solutions that drive agility – allowing companies to sense, create and respond to change quickly and confidently. In it’s 8th year as Title Sponsor, Rally has 13 different speaking sessions and is featuring a number of thought leaders at the booth - including Jean Tabaka and Dean Leffingwell. Additionally, at this year’s event, Rally announced new offerings to fuel enterprise-scale agile, including new solutions, features, and services that enable organizations to achieve enterprise-scale Agile program success using the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe™). For more information, visit


IBM enables agile development to be extended to the enterprise with IBM DevOps. By applying lean and agile principles across the software delivery lifecycle, DevOps helps organizations to deliver a differentiated and engaging customer experience, achiever quicker time to value, and gain increased capacity to innovate. At Agile 2014 IBM is featuring two DevOps solutions for agile development: the IBM Rational solution for Agile Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with Scrum, as well as the new IBM DevOps services for Bluemix - everything needed for easy, agile mobile and web development, deployment, execution and management in the cloud. For more information, visit or stop by the IBM booth to get started with free public projects in the cloud.


Tempo is a recognized leader and visionary in building agile solutions for Atlassian’s popular JIRA platform, with customers ranging from small startups to large-scale distributed enterprises.  Approximately 300,000 daily users from more than 5,000 organizations in over 100 countries use Tempo to work smarter.

Recent Tempo Timesheets and Tempo Planner improvements offer better agile time tracking, planning, and reporting capabilities for enhanced efficiency.

Championing simplicity, scalability, and ease-of-use, Tempo helps teams stay on track, improve communication and transparency, increase ROI, generate greater EBITDA, and make decisions that help them surpass their competition.

Century Link

CenturyLink Cloud builds public cloud services for enterprise IT and developers. Our desire at this conference is to introduce organizations to the It-Ready, Developer-Friendly features and services that we offer, which make it easy for anyone to build, run, and manage their applications in our world-wide infrastructure. As a company, this is our first year at this conference, although several of our team members have served in Agile Alliance leadership positions, and we are showcasing our unique and simple to use control platform, advanced infrastructure capabilities, and our upcoming Platform as a Service offering.


AtTask is a cloud-based Enterprise Work Management solution that helps IT departments, PMOs, and other enterprise teams conquer the chaos of disconnected tools, miscommunication between methodologies, and endless meetings and status updates. Unlike other tools, AtTask Enterprise Work Cloud manages both formal and ad hoc work through the entire lifecycle—from initial request to final report. It offers a complete, adoptable solution—powerful enough for technical users, intuitive enough for business stakeholders, and flexible enough to support Agile, Waterfall, or a mix of the two, rolling all project data and management under one umbrella. It works in the same ways you do. [update: AtTask was rebranded in 2015 to Workfront] / [updated link:]


Sococo, the Social Communications Company, delivers the virtual office for your business activities.  By moving your physical workspace to the cloud, Sococo brings teams together in a virtual office where they can see each other and collaborate as they would in a physical place.  Distributed development and operations teams are using Sococo to accelerate application delivery.  Sococo is optimized for Agile and includes everything for planned and ad hoc interactions. Standalone communication tools don’t provide the natural and fluid engagement agile practitioners require. Sococo is introducing integrations via an API with all the common tools Agile teams rely on.


Chef is a platform for automating IT infrastructure and applications that enables businesses to achieve maximum speed, scale, and consistency. The companies at Agile understand customers everywhere expect delightful and immediate services. Meeting these expectations is only possible through web-scale IT, which advocates DevOps, open source software, and adoption of continuous delivery principles – with automation at the foundation. Chef is the only IT automation platform that gives organizations the ability to operate at web scale. With new capabilities for analytics, test-driven infrastructure, and more, Chef is packaging the success patterns of web scale and delivering them to the enterprise.


Zephyr’s real-time test management solutions transform how Dev and QA teams of all sizes collaborate to release higher quality software on-time.  Most organizations are already agile or agile-ish, but QA is usually the last piece of the project team to make the transition. We are here to find QA teams that are going to make the move or are in the process of transitioning to agile to help them install a test management solution that supports their new processes.  The numbers speak for themselves. We have helped more than 3000 companies in the past two years execute over 10M tests while reducing their QA costs, increasing the speed of their release cycles and gaining visibility throughout their entire process.  We are highlighting our support of helping QA transform by building products that support their needs. Last year we announces a new product and will officially ship it in the next few weeks; Zephyr Blueprints for Confluence.

Agile Transformation

Our company's purpose is to help executives and leaders transform their culture and build healthy high performing teams. We offer many enablement tools for companies who are scaling Agile and want to achieve a true cultural transformation. 

Our big announcement at the Agile2014 conference has been that 'The Most Powerful Agile Assessment Tool has Arrived!' with the launch of AgilityHealth. The first radar we're releasing (TeamHealth) covers five key dimensions of team health and is just the beginning of several radars that will be released shortly.   We think our radar is the most powerful aspect of our tool - a simple yet powerful visual indicator of TeamHealth. 

In conjunction with AgilityHealth we're also releasing our first round of certifications! So now you can become a certified AgilityHealth Facilitator or AgilityHealth Coach to start delivering the TeamHealth Retrospective assessments. You can learn more at


JetBrains is a leading vendor of professional tools for software development teams. In addition to our award-winning IDEs and productivity tools such as IntelliJ IDEA and ReSharper, we offer a range of tools for agile teams, helping them raise quality and focus on tasks that matter, which is delivering value.

Our leading team tools include:

  • TeamCity, a Continuous Integration and Deployment tool that provides support for heterogeneous environments and enables teams to build, test and deliver software in an automated way.
  • YouTrack, an Agile project management and issue tracking tool which supports Scrum and Kanban and adapts to team’s workflows and processes. It serves as a single place to manage projects, plan work for future releases, as well as to collect and process customer feedback and feature requests.

 Our main goal at Agile 2014 is to introduce our tools to Agile practitioners and developers alike. We also look forward to receiving your feedback and discussing the latest trends in the software industry.

For more information, please check


CollabNet is the creator of Subversion, a leading provider of agile training and enterprise transformation services, and a pioneer in cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) solutions for collaborative agile software delivery at scale. For organizations seeking greater agility, CollabNet is the only ALM provider offering the flexible Collaboration Architecture proven to help large-scale enterprises streamline their application delivery processes across disparate teams and methodologies. For over a decade, CollabNet has helped hundreds of the world’s largest development organizations improve
agility and governance - not agility at the expense of governance.  

As a leading agile ALM solutions provider and the industry’s #1 agile trainer with over 17,000 ScrumMasters trained, CollabNet is committed to the agile movement and to demonstrating that commitment by participating in and sponsoring Agile2014.

Featured offering:

At Agile2014, CollabNet is announcing version 7.2 of TeamForge, its industry leading collaborative agile software delivery platform. TeamForge connects teams, processes, and tools to enhance agility and governance while streamlining the entire application development and delivery lifecycle. TeamForge integrates teams’ favorite point tools for lifecycle traceability and provides flexible process templates to enable enterprise-wide scaling of tool chains and repeatable processes for consistency and operational efficiency. TeamForge also provides a unique Collaboration Architecture that allows mapping of business lines and enterprise technology architectures into categories, groups, and projects to drive global visibility and organizational agility. Key enhancements in version 7.2 of TeamForge include:

  •           New lifecycle metrics reports that provide deep insight across the entire application development and delivery lifecycle
  •           New agile planning and management features, including new task planning boards that can provide full traceability from planning through coding, build, test, and delivery; expanded reporting (burns, integration flow charts, artifact age reporting, commit vs. done); automated notifications and integrated tracking
  •           Enhanced lifecycle traceability with improved agile support, cross-functional reporting, and tighter tracking of tasks associated with third-party development tools
  •           Enhanced Git support. TeamForge now has stronger integrations with the latest releases of Git and Gerrit. For enterprise use of Git and Gerrit, new features include history rewrite resurrection, configurable Git push/history notifications, ability to permanently delete Gerrit projects and view TeamForge Project-scoped dashboards simultaneously.

Scrum Alliance

The Scrum Alliance is proud to sponsor the Coaches Clinic at this year’s Agile Alliance conference. Attendees can stop by the clinic anytime during the conference to get some one-on-one time with our experienced coaches.  Have a question about certification, ask our coaches.  Having an issue at work that you want to get advice on how to handle  Ask our coaches.  Our coaches are available all week from 8am until 6pm each evening to help attendees with any issue they may be facing at work.  

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