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InfoQ Homepage News Apigee-127: A Toolkit for Authoring APIs and their Services

Apigee-127: A Toolkit for Authoring APIs and their Services


Apigee has put together a number of open source tools for creating APIs and a number of related service. The toolkit is called Apigee-127 and it contains the following tools:

  • Swagger Editor 2.0 – authoring API specifications in YAML and generate corresponding documentation
  • Swagger tools for message validation and routing
  • Volos.js – libraries for setting up quota, OAuth and caching services
  • Apache Usergrid – a BaaS providing a number of back-end services: user management, data storage, queues, etc.

Starting from a YAML file, with Apigee-127 developers can create API documentation, generate client SDKs in several languages – Java, Scala, JavaScript, PHP, Python, Ruby, or generate server stubs in Java, Scala, Ruby or JavaScript.

Apigee-127 includes support for creating API-related services, such as routing requests to controllers, API usage management, authorization or caching, but also a BaaS especially useful for mobile apps that use the APIs.

Apigee provides the infrastructure for running APIs and services on Edge, but they can also be deployed locally or in the cloud.

Apigee-127 is available on GitHub as a number of related projects.

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