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Debugging Apps in Chrome and Safari with Firefox

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Mozilla has implemented the protocol adapters that enable remote debugging in Chrome for desktop or Android and Safari/iOS. They are to be integrated into WebIDE.

Mozilla released WebIDE back in June, providing a Firefox tool for developing and debugging applications on Firefox OS devices and simulators, with the intent to extend its support to Android and iOS. Now, Mozilla has advanced their work on the Firefox Developer Adapter Tools, which provides remote debugging of Chrome on desktop and Android, and for Safari on iOS.

According to Dave Camp, Director of Engineering, Firefox Developer Tools, the adapter will later be “seamlessly integrated into WebIDE,” in order to extend “its easy Firefox OS workflow to the other major mobile browsers.”

We also asked Camp what is the roadmap for the new future, especially regarding IE:

Once we have this core experience - script debugging, page inspection, and interactive console - working well, we will be working with the community to build our long-term roadmap.  Internet Explorer support is one of idea we're interested in pursuing, but we'll need to better understand the technical feasibility and community interest before we commit to it.

WebIDE contains a number of tools for developing web apps including the Page Inspector, Web Console, Style Editor, Scratchpad and the Debugger which works over the Remote Debugging Protocol. WebIDE is currently available in Firefox Beta or Aurora if it is enabled in about:config or in Firefox Nightly.

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