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Puppet Labs Announces Approved Modules and Partner Network

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Puppet Labs has announced at its PuppetConf conference the launch of the Puppet Approved program, to recognize those Puppet modules with more quality and active development, more Puppet Enterprise supported modules, as well as a new partner network.

Puppet Approved modules

The new Puppet Approved program recognizes modules recommended by Puppet Labs, meeting Puppet Labs' standards for quality composition, reliable operation, and active development.

More than twenty modules have received the Puppet Approved designation, including:

  • Wget maestrodev-wget: Download files to Puppet agent using wget.
  • EPEL stahnma-epel: Sets up the EPEL package repository.
  • Staging nanliu-staging: Manages staging directory, along with download/extraction of compressed files.

The Puppet Forge includes more than 2700 modules in over 900 namespaces, and this program intends to make it easier for Puppet users to choose the best modules for each task. Puppet Labs will continue to grow the list of Puppet Approved modules over the coming months.

Puppet Enterprise supported modules

With the Puppet Enterprise 3.2 release at the beginning of the year, Puppet Labs announced Puppet Enterprise supported modules that are tested, validated and supported for use with the product. Five more modules will be added to the list:

  • Tomcat (puppetlabs-tomcat): Enables admins to install multiple versions of Tomcat, deploy web apps to a Tomcat server and manage configurations.
  • Java (puppetlabs-java): Installs the Java JDK or JRE across Linux and Unix. With this module, admins can ensure that the correct Java package is installed on all nodes under Puppet management.
  • MS SQL (available in Q4): Installs and provides ongoing management of Microsoft SQL Server 2012 and 2014.
  • F5 (REST) (available in Q4): Extends Puppet Enterprise to orchestrate F5 Networks load balancers.
  • Arista (available in Q4): Manages top-of-rack configuration resources on Arista EOS.

Puppet Labs Partner Network

Puppet Labs also launches a new Partner Network, with three new multi-tiered programs to provide training, resources and support.

  • Solution Provider Partner Program: Provides access to sales and technical enablement, deal registration, and marketing materials for providers reselling Puppet Enterprise as part of a complete IT automation solution.
  • Service Delivery Partner Program: Provides access to Puppet Labs deployment best practices, certification opportunities for consultants and ongoing support and enablement.
  • Authorized Training Partner Program: Provides instructor education and certification, access to instructor and student course materials, marketing of scheduled classes on the Puppet Labs website, and ongoing education updates.

These announcements follow yesterday's about the new Puppet Server, Puppet Apps and updates to the Puppet language, also announced during PuppetConf.

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