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JCP Election 2014 Results Announced


The results of the Java Community Process Executive Committee (JCP EC) have been announced.

EC seats come in two different classes. Ratified Seats are candidates proposed by Oracle, which the community votes yes or no on. If the candidate does not receive a majority of Yes votes, they are not elected, and Oracle run an additional ratification ballot with a new proposed candidate.

The ratified seats up for election in 2014 were:

  • Freescale (chipmaker and IoT)
  • Gemalto M2M GmbH (NFC and smartcards)
  • Goldman Sachs (financial services)
  • MicroDoc (embedded systems)
  • SAP (Business software)
  • Software AG (Enterprise software)
  • TOTVS (Enterprise software)
  • V2COM (embedded and smart grid)

All candidates were elected comfortably, with only Goldman Sachs scoring a significant percentage of No votes (70% Yes, 30% No).

The second class of seats are the Open Election Seats. For these, eligible members of the JCP can cast 1 vote per open seat. All the votes are totaled, and the highest-voted candidates fill the seats. In 2014, there were five open seats up for election, and the following were elected:

  • ARM Inc. (chip designer)
  • Azul Systems (JVM vendor)
  • Hazelcast, Inc. (OSS datagrid provider)
  • Werner Keil (individual)
  • Geir Magnusson Jr (individual)

Of these, three candidates were already EC members (ARM, Azul and Werner Keil). Hazelcast's representative will be Greg Luck, who has previously been a very active member of the JCP process, including as co-spec lead for JCache (JSR 107). Geir Magnusson is also a returning JCP alumni, having previously served as an EC member representing Apache (before Apache's resignation in 2010). Geir returns as an individual member, and is not representing any organization.

The result sees the departure of MoroccoJUG, who had served on the EC since last year's election. Badr El Houari and Mohamed Taman, the representatives for MoroccoJUG, reaffirmed their commitment to continue to work with Java standards through the AdoptOpenJDK and AdoptAJSR programmes for community participation. The other outgoing EC member is CloudBees, who voluntarily resigned their seat due to an adjustment of their business focus leading to a step back from general purpose cloud environments.


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