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Basho Announcements at RICON Conference

The RICON conference in Las Vegas last week brought together scholarship from industry and academia in a venue targeted at sharing the latest innovations in tools, technologies and concepts in the field of Distributed Systems.

In hosting the conference Basho Technologies positions themselves as thought leaders in a challenging field.

Although this was not a Basho conference, there were some recent announcements relating to Basho and their flagship offerings Riak and Riak CS.

First Basho recently announced version 2.0 of their Riak Enterprise edition. This version brings integration with Lucene/Solr, endowing Riak with more robust search capabilities. In addition, security has been updated and new data types have been introduced. Basho positions Riak as best in class at providing NoSQL capabilities at production level scale.

Just prior to the conference Basho announced that infrastructure monitoring software provider Dataloop.IO has selected Riak:

To underpin its metric-crunching cloud monitoring solution. With architecture required to scale to millions of metrics being generated every minute, Dataloop.IO selected Riak to support the analysis, visualization and interrogation of metrics as they arrive in real time.

 And finally, at the conference integrator Lilien Systems announced a new partnership agreement with Seagate and Basho for object storage solutions.

InfoQ asked Basho VP of product Peter Coppola about the arrangement:

InfoQ: How does this partnership align with Basho’s core business?

Coppola: Basho has two products today, Riak, a distributed database and Riak CS, our object storage software solution built on top of Riak. This partnership provides a solution oriented path to drive our storage offering into the enterprise.

InfoQ: Can you tell us a bit about Basho, who is your target customer, what are your main products?

Coppola: Our customers are mid to large enterprises and service providers. We count one third of the Fortune 50 among our customer base.

InfoQ: What are each of your new responsibilities under the new partnership?

Coppola: Basho supplies the object storage software that is integrated by Lilien with hardware from Seagate to create storage appliances for their enterprise customers.

InfoQ: Why Lilien and why Seagate?

Coppola: Seagate is one of the main storage suppliers; it would be impossible to find a storage partner with more knowledge, technology or commitment to the storage market.

Lilien helps the enterprise implement the mission-critical enterprise infrastructure in the key industries and application areas that require scale out storage solutions.



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