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InfoQ Homepage News Wrapup of Agile Singapore 2014 Conference

Wrapup of Agile Singapore 2014 Conference

The second annual Agile Singapore conference was held at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore last week.  The event attracted speakers from all around the world and over 400 registrations.  

The conference was held over three days, with a keynote each day.  The 37 sessions fell into three broad categories - Organisation, Practices and Technical.

Lynne Cazaly is a Speaker, Author and Mentor and was one of the speakers - she created a number of infographics to summarise some of the sessions, which she has kindly given InfoQ pernission to use. 

Conference organiser Stanly Lau said 

This not-for-profit conference is a collaboration effort from the members of the community. We volunteered our time from our families for the past nine months to bring the best Agile conference we can get in Singapore. We achieved greater than last year, with an additional day and having invited speakers to share more than one session so that attendees could have more exposure from them. The fruition came when we received multiple feedbacks about the high quality of the sessions and impressed with how well the conference organised. Most of the attendees were new to the conference. I think we had successfully made another impact in this small city to increase the awareness of Agile development.

Some of the sessions are described below.

Day one opened with Linda Rising giving the opening keynote on the Agile Mindset. 

Infographic of Linda Rising talk

Bas Vodde spoke on the LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) framework for Scaling Agile, he anounced the launch of a new web resource to support it and previewed the upcoming book on the topic which he is writing with Craig Larman.

Lynne Cazaly led a workshop titled "The Girl with the Chisel Tip Marker" in which she taught the participants some of the basics of visual thinking, how simple images can make a huge difference to communication and retention and that anyone can draw.  

The second keynote was by Dave Snowden, Enabling the Organisation as a Complex Eco-system:

Infographic of Dave Snowden talk

There were a number of talks focused on technical excellence, craftsmanship, strong technical practices and DevOps, these were presented by by James Grenning, Steve Freeman, Kevlin Henney, Michael Feathers, Victor Grgic and Jackson Zhang, among others.   

In the Practices area talks covered topics ranging from the examination of lean practices to applying agile in distributed teams.  

Day 2 ended with a panel discussion with three of the international speakers, Dave Snowden, Rich Sheridan and Steve Freeman, moderated by Linda Rising:

The panel discussion

The Organisational theme included case studies of ogranisational transition to agile to talking with executives about agile practices by Lee Cunningham:

Lee Cunningham on talking to executives\

The closing keynote was by Rich Sheridan of Menlo Innovations and author of Joy, Inc:

Rich Sheridan closing keynote

This talk left the participants excited and inspired to find the opportunities for joy in their own organisations.

InfoQ was a Media Sponsor for the conference - many of the sessions were recorded and a number of Q&A articles are in the pipeline.  They will be published here as they become available.  The conference organisers have set up a facebook page which will have photographs taken over the three days. 

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