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.NET Foundation Round-up

The .NET Foundation Advisory Council has extended the community feedback period to Friday, December 5th. After the fifth, the Foundation will begin to officially form next year’s council. You can read more about the Advisory Council, propose changes, and discuss nominations on the .NET Foundation Forum.

The Advisory Council is being established to ensure that the general community is being represented in the .NET Foundation. While generally well received, there are some sticking points still being debated.

One of the issues is the election process, which is ill defined and based mostly around the votes of existing members. Changing this to be more open requires the council and board to work together on new rules.

Another concern is the 4 to 5 ratio of Microsoft to non-Microsoft members. While one can understand why Microsoft would want to have a strong presence, commenters are arguing for more non-Microsoft members as a way to better represent the community at large. While it is too late to change for 2015, the Council can recommend a different composition for future councils.

In other news, the number of projects being maintained by the .NET Foundation has grown to 30. Board member Gianugo Rabellino writes,

In recent months, several additional projects have been added to the .NET Foundation roster, bringing the number to more than 30, including Thinktecture’s IdentityServer and IdentityManager, Orchard, and several projects from the Outercurve Foundation, among them Nuget, Kudu and the ASP.Net Ajax Library. Moving forward, we will continue working with the Outercurve Foundation to migrate relevant .NET projects to the .NET Foundation.

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