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InfoQ Homepage News Cloud Foundry Foundation Forms with 40 Member Companies

Cloud Foundry Foundation Forms with 40 Member Companies

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Cloud Foundry Foundation is formed to establish a formal open governance model for the Cloud Foundry open source Platform as a Service (PaaS).

Cloud Foundry Foundation, the open source PaaS standard has announced the launch of an independent nonprofit foundation. It will be managed as a Linux Foundation Collaborative Project and operate under a system of open governance created by a team of open source experts from founding Platinum Members EMC, HP, IBM, Intel, Pivotal, SAP and VMware.

Cloud Foundry has a vibrant ecosystem of contributors from the open source community. Companies like Pivotal, IBM, HP and ActiveState built commercial implementations of their PaaS based on Cloud Foundry. According to the official announcement, the Cloud Foundry Foundation is implementing a new approach to open source development called Dojo. This offers developers a unique “fast track” for commit rights, which often take more than a year to gain in a major project. A certification program will also be introduced in the new year to ensure consistency and compatibility across Cloud Foundry-branded products and services.

Some of the recent community contributions to Cloud Foundry include:

  • Docker support for Diego
  • Ability to FUSE devices in containers
  • Firehose: app logs and Cloud Foundry component metrics stream
  • Expanded build pack support for Go, PHP, Python and more
  • Internationalization and extensibility model for Cloud Foundry CLI
  • BOSH external Cloud Provider Interface (CPI)

Intel joined as a platinum member while Hortonworks and SAS join as gold members. New Silver Members include Akamai, AppDirect, Braintribe, Fujitsu, Mendix, Mimacom, Produban, and Toshiba Solutions.

Linux Foundation will be providing the management, operations and advocacy support.

This announcement marks the launch of the largest open source PaaS community.

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