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InfoQ Homepage News Restlet 2.3 Released, Featuring Java 7, SPDY and CORS Support

Restlet 2.3 Released, Featuring Java 7, SPDY and CORS Support

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Restlet has released version 2.3 of its Restlet Framework. This release is largely an effort to update the project's dependencies and to improve its API documentation and management. Restlet has been developing a comprehensive API platform with Restlet Studio (a web IDE for building APIs), APISpark (a PaaS for building API's), as well as Restlet Framework (its open source offering.)

This release of Restlet Framework contains a number of new features. Not only does it allow the introspection if its code, but it provides a view of a dynamic API description in Swagger 1.2/2.0 and RAML 0.8. It also includes the ability to add a firewall with rate limitation when used in conjunction with APISpark. It now requires Java 7 as a minimum and supports Android 4, GAE 1.9 and GWT 2.7.

Two important components of the Restlet API Platform are Restlet Studio and APISpark. Restlet Studio is a browser based IDE touting support for any browser above IE7. It is written using AngularJS and embeds the ACE browser-based code editor, providing syntax highlighting and other IDE feature. Code generation is powered by APISpark, a Platform-as-a-Service dedicated to the creation, hosting, management, and consumption of web APIs. Its first release was covered by InfoQ in November.

Restlet's What's New Guide points out that upgrading to Jetty 9.2 brings an HTTP client connector and SPDY support. SPDY is the inspiration for HTTP/2, also covered by InfoQ. Restlet 2.3 also brings CORS support, a @Status annotation to map Java exceptions to HTTP errors, and direct access to raw HTTP headers.

The roadmap for Restlet 3.0 has been published. Major themes are HTML5 (and its new protocols), more Android 4 improvements, OAuth2, OData 4, HTTP/2 and Java 8.

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