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InfoQ Homepage News Microsoft Embraces GitHub for their .NET Compilers

Microsoft Embraces GitHub for their .NET Compilers

Microsoft is continuing their move from CodePlex to GitHub for their open source offerings. The F# compiler was moved on the 13th, with the Roslyn based C# and VB compilers following a few days later.

While CodePlex supports git, the general consensus is that GitHub offers better performance and features. Though originally based on TFS, CodePlex hasn’t seen the improvements that can be found in Team Foundation Server or Visual Studio Online. And since Visual Studio Online isn’t meant for open source projects, was the natural choice.

While the source code was easy enough to migrate, but reports are another thing entirely. There isn’t a good way to copy bug old reports and both the F# and Roslyn teams are still looking for a solution. New bug reports and discussions should be done in their respective GitHub sites.

Internally, the Roslyn team is still in the process of switching to git. For this reason, they are expecting that pull requests on GitHub to pile up for a few weeks while they “streamline [their] (currently very complex) pull request process”. According to Matt Gertz, you should not submit any new pull requests to CodePlex.

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