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InfoQ Homepage News QCon New York 2015 (Jun 8-12): Track Topics Announced

QCon New York 2015 (Jun 8-12): Track Topics Announced

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With registrations well ahead of last year, the 4th annual QCon New York (June 8-12, 2015) is on track to being the largest east coast event designed exclusively for senior practitioners: team leads, architects, software engineers, and project managers.  Register before Jan 17th and save $700.

The 15 track themes for QCon New York 2015 are now final along with the tracks-to-days schedule.

This year's technical tracks include:

  1. Applied Data Science and Machine Learning - Putting your data to use. The latest production methods for deriving novel insights
  2. Engineering Culture - Building and scaling a compelling engineering culture
  3. Modern Advances in Java Technology - Tips, techniques and technologies at the cutting edge of modern Java
  4. Monoliths to Microservices - How to evolve beyond a monolithic system -- successful migration and implementation stories
  5. The Art of Software Design - Software Arch as a craft, scenario based examples and general guidance
  6. Architecting for Failure - War stories and lessons learned from building highly robust and resilient systems
  7. Browser as Platform - The state of the art in client-side web development
  8. Fraud Detection and Hack Prevention - Businesses are built around trust in systems and data. Securing systems and fighting fraud throughout the data in them.
  9. High Performance Streaming Data - Scalable architectures and high-performance frameworks for immediate data over persistent connections
  10. Reactive Architecture Tactics - The how of the Reactive movement: Release It! techniques, Rx, Failure Concepts, Throughput, Availability
  11. Architectures You've Always Wondered about -Learn from the architectures powering some of the most popular applications and sites
  12. Continuously Deploying Containers in Production - Production ready patterns for growing containerization in your environment
  13. Mobile - Trends and technologies for building mobile applications
  14. Modern Computer Science in the Real World - How modern CS tackles problems in the real world
  15. Optimizing Yourself - Maximizing your impact as an engineer, as a leader, and as a person

Registration for QCon New York is $1,795 ($700 off) for the 3-day conference if you register before Jan 17th. Register now to receive the best rate available.

(Note to interested speakers: while there is no formal call-for-papers for QCon New York 2015, you can still submit a talk for consideration)

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