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InfoQ Homepage News VMware Will Offer Google Cloud Services and Rackspace Offers vCloud

VMware Will Offer Google Cloud Services and Rackspace Offers vCloud

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Cloud vendors are combining their strengths to provide extra services for their customers. The latest developments include VMware offering Google BigQuery and Rackspace building private dedicate vCloud’s.

VMware and Google have agreed to provide several Google Cloud services to VMware customers. The services that will be made available are: BigQuery, Storage, Datastore and DNS. The services will still run on the Google datacenters, but will be deeply integrated with the rest of vCloud Air services. The two companies will connect their datacenters to communicate over a dedicated network connection for speed and security reasons.

The main reason for this partnership is VMware’s desire to provide BigQuery along with other vCloud offerings: “BigQuery is a great way to quickly store and analyze that data, but it’s tough to use if it isn’t integrated with vCloud Air. That’s why integration is so important.” VMware evaluates integrating other services from Google in the future.

Google Cloud services will be made available under VMware’s terms of service and will be supported by VMware. Customers will pay only for what they use.

VMware and Google plan to make the integration between their cloud offerings happen some time this semester.

Another cloud vendors relationship has been consumed between VMware and Rackspace with the announcement of the availability of a single-tenant, dedicated private vCloud running on Rackspace infrastructure. Rackspace will build the infrastructure and will manage it up to the guest operating system. They will also provide support. The solution includes:

  • Dedicated infrastructure with physically isolated network, compute and storage layers.
  • Dedicated management stack based on VMware vCloud Director and vCenter Server, installed separately for each customer.
  • Access available from the browser via vCloud portal.
  • The possibility to build hybrid clouds combining multi-tenant public clouds with dedicated private ones.

Beside vCloud, Rackspace Managed Private Cloud provides the ability to create private clouds based on Microsoft Cloud OS or OpenStack.

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