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AWS Release Experimental AWS SDK for the Go Programming Language

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Amazon Web Services (AWS) have released an experimental Go programming language AWS SDK via their AWS Labs Github account, which currently supports 43 AWS services including EC2, S3 and RDS.

The AWS official blog states that since its launch, Google’s Go programming language has had a remarkable growth trajectory, and requests for an official AWS SDK have been made with increasing frequency by AWS customers. The Go SDK will be the eighth language-specific SDK made available by AWS. AWS currently offers programming language SDKs for Java, C#, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, and Objective C (iOS).

The new AWS SDK for Go was initially based on the Stripe aws-go SDK, which was principally authored by Coda Hale. The initial aws-go SDK was developed using model-based generation techniques very similar to how other official AWS SDKs are developed. This includes automatically generating the set of Go SDK clients for the AWS APIs from the JSON schema shipped with botocore, a low-level interface to AWS services written in Python, which are used as the foundation for the official AWS-CLI command line tool.

The AWS official blog includes a guest post from Peter Moon, a senior product manager at AWS, that states Stripe have transferred ownership of the Go SDK to Amazon:

We reached out and began discussing possibly contributing to the project, and Stripe offered to transfer ownership of the project to AWS. We gladly agreed to take over the project and to turn it into an officially supported SDK product.

The AWS SDK for Go will initially remain in an experimental state, while AWS gather community feedback and contributions in order to harden the APIs, increase the test coverage, and add key features including request retries, checksum validation, and hooks to request lifecycle events.

The project’s Github page advises users take caution when using the Go AWS SDK, as it is currently highly untested and the APIs may change radically without warning.

The experimental AWS Go SDK will be developed in a public AWS Labs GitHub repository, and can be installed locally by following the instructions included in the repository The AWS official blog invites developers to follow progress and join the development efforts by submitting pull requests and sending feedback and ideas via GitHub Issues.

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