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InfoQ Homepage News Azure DocumentDB is Available in More Regions with Increased Account Limits

Azure DocumentDB is Available in More Regions with Increased Account Limits

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Azure DocumentDB, Microsoft’s NoSQL cloud database service is available in newer regions within Asia and US. The account limits are enhanced to support increased capacity units and document size.

In addition to existing regions of US West, North Europe and West Europe, DocumentDB will be available in newer regions including East Asia, Southeast Asia, and US East. This enables customers to choose an appropriate geographic region to host their NoSQL database in the cloud. To request for additional regions, customers can post to the DocumentDB feedback forum.

Microsoft has also increased the maximum document size from 256KB to 512KB. The Capacity Unit (CU) limit per DocumentDB Account has been increased from 5 to 50. This makes it possible to scale a single DocumentDB account up to 500GB of storage with 100,000 Request Units (RU) of provisioned throughput. Each CU is a stackable unit of SSD backed document storage and throughput. RUs are provisioned for each Database Account based on the number of capacity units customers purchase.

Microsoft launched DocumentDB a year ago as a high performance NoSQL database service for Azure. It was designed from the ground up to natively support JSON and JavaScript directly inside the database engine. Applications that rely on predictable throughput, low latency, and flexible query capabilities can use DocumentDB. Key features of this service include automating indexing of JSON documents added to the database, support for familiar SQL syntax for queries, choice of strong and eventual consistency and RESTful HTTP interface.

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