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VMware Launches Integrated OpenStack Distribution

VMware’s own distribution of OpenStack, VMware Integrated OpenStack (VIO) is launched at a press event in San Francisco. Announced at VMWorld 2014, VIO is VMware’s own distribution of OpenStack is tightly integrated with company’s core technologies such as vSphere, NSX and vSAN. After months of beta testing, VMware finally announced the general availability of VIO. It will be available free of charge to customers running VMware vSphere Enterprise Plus, vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus and all editions of vCloud Suite.

VIO is delivered as an appliance that can be downloaded and deployed through vSphere Web Client. This makes the complex process of deploying OpenStack components faster and easier. Through automated rolling changes, administrators can upgrade, patch and fix issues with OpenStack infrastructure with minimal downtime. VIO can be deployed on any hardware that can run vSphere. Cinder and Swift, the object storage and block storage services of OpenStack can be implemented through vSphere datastores.

VMware’s OpenStack is aligned with its vision of Software Define Datacenter (SDDC). Nova, the compute service exploits the capabilities of vSphere features like Dynamic Resource Scheduling (DRS) and Storage DRS. VMware NSX can power Neutron, the networking component of OpenStack through floating IPs, logical routing and security groups. Virtual SAN’s scale-out, capacity and availability management features can be exposed through Swift and Cinder.

VMware claims that its OpenStack distribution comes with simplified configuration and operations based on predefined workflows to automate common OpenStack operations. Its integration with vRealize Operations Manager and vRealize Log Insight enables faster troubleshooting and easier monitoring. Through the integration with vRealize Business, its easy to track per OpenStack tenant/project capacity, cost and efficiency.

vSphere Enterprise Plus customers are entitled to get free support.

We are very excited to announce that VMware Integrated OpenStack will be available for free for all new and existing vSphere Enterprise Plus customers, including vSphere with Operations Management Enterprise Plus and vCloud Suite. Production support for VMware Integrated OpenStack, which also includes supporting the open source code, is optional and can be purchased separately at $200/CPU (minimum 50 CPU).

Below is a video demonstrating VIO's integration with SDDC:

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