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Codecity for Eclipse Visualises Source Code Metrics


During EclipseCon, Codetrails released an alpha version of Codecity for Eclipse, which calculates source code metrics and presents them in a city block layout. After installing from the marketplace or the update site, a new option 'Show in → Codecity' will be enabled on project resources or source folder. After calculating a set of metrics, an external browser will be opened with a WebGL view that renders the results in a pannable and scrollable graphic.

For example, the graphic below shows individual classes in Apache Log4J 1.2.17; the highest bar selected is LogBrokerMonitor, which contains 106 methods and 36 fields.

Image showing the result of Codecity operating on Log4J 1.2.17

The metrics for display can include number of methods (or fields as width/length), the number of commits (if the project is connected to a team shared project in Eclipse) or the number of tests succeeded/failed/coverage (if the project has a jacoco coverage report with a jacoco.xml file). Other metrics, such as code complexity numbers, are likely to be added in the future.

More information about the project is available at the marketplace entry. The plug-in is free for non-commercial use.

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