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InfoQ Homepage News AnyPresence Launches a New API Platform for Mobile and IoT Developers

AnyPresence Launches a New API Platform for Mobile and IoT Developers


AnyPresence, one of the leading MBaaS players has launched JustAPIs, a platform for building and deploying RESTful APIs.

JustAPIs targets enterprise developers designing and building APIs for contemporary applications. The platform can be provisioned on a developer workstation or laptop to quickly get started with the API design. The same can be scaled to dozens of servers in the production environment deployed on cloud.

JustAPIs enables defining and deploying APIs with custom headers and parameters that are either stand-alone or containing JavaScript based business logic. It can provide abstraction to legacy systems that are designed to use SOAP. According to AnyPresence, traditional API management solutions focus on enterprise-wide API governance, and are often too expensive and cumbersome for these app-specific needs. They are an overkill for scenarios that need quick and easy provisioning of an API layer.

The digram below illustrates typical workflow of creating APIs through JustAPIs.

AnyPresence claims that the JustAPIs platform comes in a single, compiled executable that can run on any Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX based hardware, from a single developer’s laptop to large-scale, clustered production environments. Since the platform is stand-alone with no dependencies, JustAPIs can be quickly installed on developer machines. It includes sample APIs with familiar JavaScript-based business logic that developers can customize. An browser-based administrative application, based on the same JustAPIs server, enables developers to define API endpoints with modern formats and workflows. The platform can aggregate corporate services running behind the firewall by combining multiple legacy calls into one composite response.

Some of the use cases of JustAPIs include:

  • Building new API workflows using familiar JavaScript business logic
  • Converting existing legacy SOAP or XML web services to any modern API format
  • Simulating production APIs and augmenting them with sample data for Hackathons
  • Migrating mobile apps from legacy services to a modern MBaaS with minimal impact to client-side code
  • Serving up APIs from microprocessor-based IoT devices with a low-footprint server

JustAPIs is available in a 30-day trial version. The professional edition costs $49 per month.

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