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InfoQ Homepage News Dan North Asks for Real World BDD Examples

Dan North Asks for Real World BDD Examples

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During a panel discussion at this year’s CukeUp 2015 conference Dan North realised that Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) is a community centred on key values and principles, not a community focused on boundaries and exclusion, and came up with an idea of a web site created by the community with examples of using BDD.

I want to build a community-curated resource for everyone interested in BDD

To fill a web site with interesting material North, who coaches teams in agile and lean methods, encourages all practitioners using BDD to send in practical use cases of BDD; examples, adaptions, scenarios, BDD mutations, etc. His hope is to be able to build a resource that is example-based with tracks for various personas, and mentions a couple, e.g. Claire the Curious Tourist and Sunil the Scaler-upper. Other content he hopes for is experience reports, common practises and links to other external resources like books, articles and training. To keep a focus on BDD he like personas and examples to be the core of the new site.

North has registered a domain,, currently pointing to his current web site but that eventually will be redirected to host all the material sent in.

Questions North finds interesting and hopes for answers to in the responses include:

  • What products are you building?
  • How are you identifying and engaging with your stakeholders?
  • How do you document your examples? Using Gherkin syntax (given/when/then) or something else?
  • How much do you automate?
  • Do you have stories you can tell about how BDD has helped or where it failed?

North’s ambition is to show progress on the BDD Google group and also asks everyone interested in getting involved in the project to get in touch. He points out that submitted material can remain anonymous if required for publishing.

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