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InfoQ Homepage News Mirantis Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation But Stays Focused on OpenStack

Mirantis Joins Cloud Foundry Foundation But Stays Focused on OpenStack

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Pure Play OpenStack company, Mirantis has announced that it is joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

Boris Renski, Co-Founder and CMO at Mirantis blogged about the company’s decision to join Cloud Foundry Foundation. He also made it explicit that Mirantis would not build its distribution of open source Cloud Foundry PaaS. He said:

We strongly believe it is the best strategic move for Mirantis to remain the pure play OpenStack company, and to actively integrate best-in-class outside technologies into OpenStack. We do this because it is the best way to give our customers choice in how they architect their cloud, and this philosophy applies to the PaaS layer.

Mirantis was founded on the premise of delivering professional services on OpenStack. The company later built its OpenStack distribution that competed with HP, Red Hat, Rackspace, and others.

Mirantis’ intention of joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation is to make the open source PaaS play well with open source IaaS, OpenStack. Calling out the recent demise of Nebula – an early mover in the OpenStack market – Boris predicts that the Cloud Foundry ecosystem may witness a similar shakeout. He also highlights the impact of Docker and containers on the PaaS players.

VMware built Cloud Foundry and made the source code available from day one. In 2013, the commercial implementation became a part of Pivotal when VMware and EMC decided to spin off their developer platform and Big Data offerings. In parallel, Cloud Foundry Foundation picked up momentum with big players such as IBM, HP, SAP, Intel, GE pledging their support. There are over a dozen commercial implementations of Cloud Foundry including ActiveState Stackato, IBM Bluemix, CenturyLink AppFog and Pivotal CF. Sam Ramji, an industry veteran recently joined Cloud Foundry Foundation as the CEO.

The growing dominance of Docker and containers is significantly impacting the PaaS market. Traditional PaaS vendors like Google, Red Hat and even Microsoft are working towards integrating Docker with their platforms.

Boris wrapped up the post with his comment on PaaS players.

With so much going on in the PaaS market, at Mirantis we would rather stick to OpenStack, which is what we do best. Again, our customers should be able to choose Cloud Foundry, Docker, OpenShift, Kubernetes, or some other PaaS player – our mission is to make sure it works best on OpenStack. Joining the Cloud Foundry Foundation is an important step in that direction.

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