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InfoQ Homepage News VS2015 Coming July 20, C++ Features Finalized

VS2015 Coming July 20, C++ Features Finalized

Microsoft had previously released a preview of its C++11/14/17 support in Visual Studio 2015, but is now able to provide the complete details on what will be shipping in VS2015RTM.  Microsoft has finished adding new features in order to the product in order to ensure everything is running smoothly before final release in July.  Microsoft’s Stephan T. Lavavej has published a list of what C++11/14/17 standard library features will be supported in VS2015RTM, and the compiler has made great strides towards full compliance.

As a result VS2015RTM’s support for the entire C++11 and C++14 standard libraries is nearly complete.  One of the outstanding features for C++14 is support for Expression SFINAE, which is stated to come in an update to VS2015 that will be supported for production use according to Lavavej  (ie: a new version of Visual Studio will not need to be purchased in order to use them, in contrast to prior release policies).  These strides towards standards compliance are accompanied by what Lavavej says is the correction of approximately 160 bugs as compared to VS2013. 

Alongside the inclusion of these new C++ items, Lavavej says that Visual Studio’s implementation of the C99 standard library is considered complete, with the only omissions being tgmath.h and the CX_LIMITED_RANGE/FP_CONTRACT pragma macros.

A big change in policy for VS2015RTM was Lavaej’s statements that contrary to previous reports, app-local deployment will be “fully supported” for desktop applications and that this support will cover the Universal CRT, standard template library, and “everything else as usual”.  This is complete reversal of a point made in March 2015 by James McNellis.

All of these will be available for first hand inspection on July 20 as that is the official release date for Visual Studio 2015.  

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