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InfoQ Homepage News Apple Adds New Measures and Features to their App Analytics

Apple Adds New Measures and Features to their App Analytics

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Apple has recently announced on their developer mailing list that the recently launched App Analytics service now provides new features to get insights about crashes, paying users, and ratios. The new features were presented with great details at WWDC 2015.

App Analytics supports two new measures:

  • Crashes: a measure that, Apple says, will be helpful to track an app’s stability. Crashes will be displayed just like sessions and installs and can be filtered by platform, app version, and operating system.

  • Paying Users: this is a sales measure that is aimed to let you know how many users are buying on a given day. It is based on the Apple ID and not and the device, so it tries to convey the number of unique buyers, which helps to minimize the skewing effect of users that are buying multiple times. This measure can be filtered by day, week, or month, and can also let you know how many users were led to buy by a given campaign.

Another new App Analytics feature is called Ratios and aims to make it possible to compare different measures. This can provide key insights such as:

  • product page conversion rate, which tells you how effective you app’s page is to lead a user that visits it to buy your app. This information is provided by comparing app units with app store views.
  • average revenue per paying user, which is obtained by comparing sales and paying users and tells you how much users are spending on your apps, and thus allows you to know if there is an app where users are spending more, etc.
  • crashes per session: which is obtained by comparing crashes and sessions and can also be useful to compare different apps so you which ones are doing worse.

Other measures that App Analytics provides are:

  • app store views
  • app units sold
  • app sales (total amount of money)
  • installations
  • sessions
  • active devices
  • active last 30 days
  • in-app purchase units.

App Analytics is a service that is available only for devices running iOS 8+ and does not require the integration of any SDK nor any specific coding. Users have to opt in to provide their usage information to developers.

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