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InfoQ Homepage News Basho Data Platform Supports In-Memory Analytics, Caching, Search and Integration with NoSQL

Basho Data Platform Supports In-Memory Analytics, Caching, Search and Integration with NoSQL

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Basho Data Platform supports integration with NoSQL databases like Redis, in-memory analytics, caching, and search. Basho Technologies, the company behind Riak NoSQL database, announced in May, the availability of the data platform that can be used to deploy and manage Big Data, IoT and hybrid cloud applications. The platform integrates the distributed NoSQL database Riak KV (formerly Riak) and Riak S2 (formerly Riak CS) with Apache Spark for in-memory analytics, Redis caching for performance and Apache Solr for query capabilities.

Basho Data Platform's services are grouped into three categories, Core Services, Storage Instances, and Service Instances. The platform is built to simplify operations for organizations needing database scalability, multi-model support and integration with complementary technologies lke Redis and Apache Solr. Caching and in-memory analytics capabilities help with the data processing for active workloads.

Here are the details of Basho Data Platform's features:

Real-time In-Memory Analytics: The platform enables real-time, in-memory analytics with Apache Spark connector, featuring high-availability of data, cluster synchronization and Spark cluster management without using Zookeeper. The Spark connector automatically synchronizes data between Apache Spark instance and Riak KV database for batch and real-time analytics.

Integrated Caching: Enhanced read performance with integrated Redis caching lets users replicate and synchronize data from Riak KV to Redis cache. Redis services managed by the Basho Data Platform simplify the current manual coding required in Big Data applications. Built-in cluster management, high availability and automatic data sharding are also available.

Search: Apache Solr add-on component brings together the strengths of Riak’s distributed database with the full-text search functionality of Apache Solr. As data changes, search indexes are automatically synchronized (transparent indexing) and integrated search makes it easy to query Riak KV data sets using Apache Solr. There is also support for Solr client query APIs which enables integration with existing software solutions.

Operations with Orchestration Services: Basho Data Platform cluster management enables download and deployment of Riak KV, Apache Spark and Redis instances. Auto-detection and auto-restart of failed instances ensures optimized operations and high availability. It eliminates the need for Zookeeper with Spark to maintain configuration information, naming and providing distributed synchronization. For Redis, you can shard data automatically between multiple cache servers reducing the time and errors associated with implementing manual sharding.

Data Replication and Synchronization: The platform controls the replication and synchronization of data between components of these distributed applications and supports multiple database models including key value and object storage. Replicating and synchronizing data and indexes ensures data access and data accuracy with no data loss should an instance of Redis or Spark become unavailable due to network, system or other connectivity failures. This feature also includes automatic synchronization of Solr and Riak KV indexes and replication and synchronization of data between Riak KV and Redis cache.


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