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IBM to Open Source 50 Projects

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IBM has announced a new web portal called developerWorks Open, bringing together various projects they are open sourcing. The projects cover many domains including Analytics, Cloud, IoT, Mobile, Security, Social, Watson and others. So far, IBM has open sourced about 30 projects, and they plan to increase the number up to 50 by the end of the year, and others may come in the future.

While some projects are targeted to IBM-specific technologies such as Cognitive Catalyst – a collaborative tool for building extensions for Watson – others can be used in conjunction with other open source tools apart from the IBM ecosystem. Following are pointers to some of the projects accompanied by short descriptions:

  • Activity Streams – an implementation of the W3C Activity Streams 2.0 Specification. Activity Streams describe current or completed activities in a JSON format.
  • Agentless System Crawler- a cloud monitoring and analysis framework crawling systems in the cloud to collect data and interpret it. It uses techniques such as VM introspection to figure out the state of virtual machines without installing agents on them.
  • Clampify – networking a Docker Swarm cluster with OpenStack Neutron.
  • i18n4go – an internationalization (i18n) tool for programs written in Go.
  • libsecurity – a library providing security functionality for IoT applications.
  • Node-RED – an IoT project including a visual tool for wiring events and integrate devices with social platforms.
  • Node Application Metrics – a tool for monitoring Node.js applications.
  • Spark Kernel- enables interactive and remote applications to access a Spark cluster.

The portal includes the IBM Bluemix Mobile Services SDKs and a set of IBM Ready Apps for Banking, Healthcare, Insurance and Retail.

The source code of the projects is stored on GitHub.

The developerWorks Open portal comes with blogs and invites the community to contribute.

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