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InfoQ Homepage News QCon SF 2015 Update: Workshops at a glance (Nov 19-20)

QCon SF 2015 Update: Workshops at a glance (Nov 19-20)


Just a quick update on where things are with QCon SF ‘15. We are excited to welcome back to the 9th annual QCon San Francisco (Nov 16-20) engineers from some top companies, including Facebook, Twitter, and Github!

At this year’s QConSF, Tony Printezis explains the performance reasons of why Twitter went through the effort of optimizing the OpenJDK, and Janet Wiener, in a track dedicated to Taming Distributed Architecture, dives into the weeds on how Facebook builds, manages, and optimizes architecture. Both talks are focused on tangible takeaways, so you are better able to bring their practical lessons back to your enterprise.

Here’s just a couple of the over 90 speakers planned for QCon SF:

  • Tony Printezis, software engineer @Twitter, expert in concurrent/parallel programming with more than 15 years of Java and virtual machine implementation experience (special focus on memory management / garbage collection).
  • Janet Wiener, software engineer @Facebook where she focuses on developing and deploying algorithms for large-scale distributed systems.

As you know, each QCon has multiple themes. In 2015, QConSF offers 18 different tracks. Each track is curated by an absolute expert in his or her field. Here are just three of our awesome trackhosts:

  • Monica Beckwith, super connected independent Java/JVM Performance Consultant, was the performance lead for the Garbage First Garbage Collector (G1 GC) @Oracle. Monica hosts the track 'Taking Java to the Next Level'. Her track focuses on the power of Java The Platform.
  • Caitie McCaffrey, awesome distributed systems engineer @Twitter who developed the services that powered the Halo Universe at 343i. Catie’s track focuses on what it takes to realistically build reliable, robust distributed systems.
  • Phil Haack, software shipper @Github. Phil leads Engineering at Github and delivered ASP.NET MVC and NuGet during a tour of duty at Microsoft. Phil’s track is called 'The Amazing Potential of .NET Open Source' and focuses on why an Open Source .NET is a .NET we care about.

A glimpse into QCon Workshops

At QCon San Francisco, we offer two days of workshops (Nov 19-20). Workshops focus on developing the technical skills that leverage technologies you heard about from our expert practitioners during the conference sessions.

Here is a glimpse at some of the experts you can learn from QCon SF ‘15 workshops:

  • Gil Tene, CTO and co-founder of Azul Systems, provides an extensive overview of latency and application responsiveness on the the JVM.
  • Hien Luu, Engineering Manager at LinkedIn, working with Hadoop technologies, covers Apache Spark core concepts and approaches to solving several common data processing leveraging Apache Spark Scala APIs
  • Seth Vargo, Software Engineer at HashiCorp is conducting an introductory workshop into Terraform. He will guide you through components, making changes with the tool, and using Terraform to create a Consul cluster.
  • Michael Jackson (Trainer, Author, former lead leader of engineering teams at several San Francisco companies including Path and Twitter) is doing an interactive workshop on learning and thinking ReactJS
  • Patrick Kua, Author and Principal Consultant and Tech Lead at ThoughtWorks is focusing his workshop on the unique combination of skills and experiences that distinguish a "Tech Lead" from a "Leader working in a technical environment".
  • Adib Saikali, Senior Field Engineer at Pivotal is training on Java 8 with a new section on Microservices
  • Josh Long, Spring Developer Advocate at Pivotal, examines the practical approaches to building cloud-native applications and microservices, using open-source Spring Boot and Spring Cloud technologies.

Registration is $1,895 ($600 off) for the 3 day event until Aug 29th, and increases afterwards every month. QCon is produced by

Note: QCon discounts are available on groups as small as 3 attendees. To qualify for special QConSF savings, you must register your group at the same time. For more details and to apply for a discount code, please contact

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