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InfoQ Homepage News Microservices Conference in Stockholm and London due Early November

Microservices Conference in Stockholm and London due Early November

This year’s Microservices Conference organised by Skills Matter is due on November 5th-6th in Stockholm and 9th-10th in London, with Russ Miles as program lead for the conference. The basic idea for the conference is bringing the community together to share challenges and experiences building scalable systems. The list of speakers include among others:

  • Russ Miles with a keynote titled “Lies, Damn Lies and Consulting Lies - The Path to World Domination through Microservices”
  • Björn Carlson, chief architect at Klarna, who in Stockholm will talk about their work re-architecting a system into a large federation of micro-services,
  • Viktor Klang, chief software architect at Typesafe, will in Stockholm talk about building a microservices platform.
  • Ian Cooper will in London talk about the key steps decomposing a monolith into microservices.
  • Daniel Bryant, principal consultant for OpenCredo, who in London will talk about the organisational, architectural and operational challenges behind microservices.

In an interview with Wendy Devolder, CEO at Skills Matter, she told InfoQ about her thoughts about the upcoming events.

InfoQ: Who are you targeting as attendees and speakers?

Devolder: Anyone excited about the interesting opportunities that microservices architecture can bring! We're always looking for early technology adapters and those with shared passions to our community and that's true of this conference in Sweden too.

InfoQ: What do you hope attendees will bring home from the conference?

Devolder: The purpose of all Skills Matter events, whether conferences, workshops or hackathons, is to build an ecosystem of software engineers who can help each other learn and share expertise and skills. With MuCon Stockholm we're sure attendees will gather ideas and skills on all manner of issues right through from security to testing when adopting microservices architecture.

InfoQ: What made you select Stockholm as the other city for the conference?

Devolder: We were approached by Bernie Miles, a long term member of our Skills Matter community and attendee of last year's MuCon London. He suggested Stockholm as the next location for the microservices conference and we've been working with Klarna in Stockholm ever since. We've been overwhelmed by the amazing community existing in Stockholm and also about the really impressive work Klarna's engineering team has been working on. We definitely made the right decision saying yes!


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