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InfoQ Homepage News MongoDB Hits 3.2 and Becomes Enterprise Ready

MongoDB Hits 3.2 and Becomes Enterprise Ready

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MongoDB recently announced the newest version of its NoSQL database synonymous product. Building upon the new features introduced in 3.0 release, 3.2 is expanding and solidifying MongoDB’s interest towards the enterprise world.

WiredTiger is now the default storage engine in MongoDB. WiredTiger can offer 7-10x performance increase with over 75% disk compression gain. Along with it, there is now an encrypted storage engine for sensitive payloads and an in-memory storage engine for applications that demand better throughput and latency without sacrifising on high availability. With Percona’s acquisition of TokuTek earlier this year, there are even more options for storage engines using MongoDB.

Document validation can now be performed at database level without the need for application level logic. Validation follows the same MongoDB command style and can use regex’s as well. Config servers are now deployed as replica sets, allowing up to 50 of them to be deployed. Failover in a replica set is now faster, with sub-2 second detection and recovery.

MongoDB now supports left outer joins, a feature only available in the MongoDB Enterprise Edition, as MongoDB’s CTO explains here. Left outer joins are supported via a new keyword in aggregation framework, $lookup.

Visualization and planning for queries has become faster with MongoDB Compass. Explain() doesn’t need to run the query to analyze it, which is useful for slow running queries. Partial indexes can be used to balance query performance with resource strain on disk.

Several improvements in support for Arabic, Farsi, Chinese and also languages with accents are in place. New array operators, mathematical operators and a random sample of documents aggregation command is also in place.

The newest release is available for download at developer only RC3 version.

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