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InfoQ Homepage News Docker Ready for Deploying Containers to Private and Public Cloud

Docker Ready for Deploying Containers to Private and Public Cloud

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Docker Inc. has unveiled Docker Universal Control Plane 1.0 during the second day of DockerCon EU celebrated this month in Barcelona. DUCP is an on-premises solution for deploying and managing Dockerized distributed applications in production.

Docker Universal Control Plane integrates with Docker Trusted Registry and presents a commercial offering that delivers Containers as a Service (CaaS). The solution consists in a continuous application delivery pipeline that is shared between developers and operations. The offering is complemented by the combination of Docker Hub and Tutum, which Docker acquired in October this year in order to allow delivery of CaaS as a cloud service.

Borja Burgos, CEO and co-founder at Tutum together with Matthew Soldo, Senior Director of Product Management at Docker performed a demo during the general session on Tuesday at DockerCon EU. The audience could see how to perform the ‘build’, ‘ship’ and ‘run’ cycle using Docker Toolbox, Docker Hub and Docker Tutum respectively. They introduced some code changes in a Python web application and published them as CaaS to the public cloud. Tutum distributed all the application containers between Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services. During the demo a site was disconnected and Burgos showed how application kept on running while all containers moved to the healthy site with zero-downtime.

Although DUCP has been designed to be deployed as an on-premises solution, it can manage simultaneous deployment of Dockerized applications across both private infrastructure and public clouds, including Microsoft Azure, Digital Ocean, Amazon Web Services and Soft Layer, said Docker in its press note.

Scott Johnston, Senior VP of Product at Docker explained that DUCP is built on top of an array of Docker-native solutions including Docker Engine, Docker Swarm and Docker Trusted Registry. DUCP is compatible with Docker Toolbox and the Docker APIs so that developers do not need to learn new tooling to align with the new operational controls. In addition, Docker APIs are guaranteed to be open and Docker provides support to validate integrations with the Docker API.

Docker Universal Control Plane is now available as a public beta and will be offered in the future as a subscription solution bundled with Docker Trusted Registry and official commercial support for Docker environments.

Docker plans to deliver the Docker Universal Control Plane webinar on Dec 1st at 10am PT.

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