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InfoQ Homepage News Netflix, Coinbase, Fastly leaders track hosting @ QCon NY June 13-17

Netflix, Coinbase, Fastly leaders track hosting @ QCon NY June 13-17

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QCon New York planning is in full swing. QCon New York, the international software developer conference that attracts senior technical team members looking for innovator topics like immutable infrastructure, Lamba architectures, and innovations in DevOps, returns to the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge June 13-17. Last year’s QCon New York closed registrations with around 800 senior developers and architects from the Greater New York area.

All of the trackhosts are in place for each of QCon New York’s 16 tracks. QCon invites leading industry experts in one of the 15 areas of focus for the conference each year and calls them trackhosts. Trackhosts curate and guide each one of our tracks. Some of the trackhosts for QCon New York 2016 include:

  • Sangeeta Narayanan (Director of Engineering @Netflix) leads the Containers in Production track. The track focuses on hearing from leading practitioners who are leveraging containers as part of their software delivery process.
  • Olaf Carlson-Wee (Head of Risk @ Coinbase) leads the Security War Stories track. The track focuses on the application and detection of fraud/abuse.
  • Pete Soderling (Founder, Hakka Labs) leads Commoditized Machine Learning track. The track focuses on the increased adoption of machine learning and the new abstractions that are provided by the ecosystem around ML.
  • Kolton Andrus (Founder Gremlin and previously a Chaos Engineer at Netflix) leads the track called Better than Resilient: Antifragile). The track focus on architectures that is beyond resilience and resistant to shocks.
  • Ines Sombra (Engineer @Fastly) leads the Modern CS in the Real World track. The track focuses on examples of applied Computer Science. This track has a heavy focus in distributed computing.

You can see the full list of tracks and trackhosts online at

QCon New York has already announced two impressive keynotes for the conference. Eric Brewer (author of CAP Theorem, professor at UC Berkeley, and VP of Infrastructure @Google) and Anita Sengupta (Aerospace Engineer developer ISS ColdAtomLab for @NASA) have committed to speak. Two additional keynotes will be announced in the weeks ahead.

Register by Mar 19th and save up to $550.

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