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InfoQ Homepage News RAD Tool Kony Visualizer 7.0 Adds Support for Wearable and IoT Apps, Free Starter Edition

RAD Tool Kony Visualizer 7.0 Adds Support for Wearable and IoT Apps, Free Starter Edition

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Kony Visualizer 7.0, Kony’s code-less mobile app design and development tool, introduces support for wearable and IoT apps and adds a Starter version that is free to download and use.

Kony Visualizer is a tool aimed to create actionable preview apps without manual software coding. According to Kony, it allows UI and UX designers to carry through rapid iterative development that will reduce the effort related to app design and UX testing. Preview apps developed using Kony Visualizer can be shared on mobile devices using Kony Visualizer cloud collaboration services.

Kony Visualizer 7.0 aims to make it possible to design cross-platform apps targeting different kind of devices –such as smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, and wearable devices– on multiple platforms, including iOS 7.0+, Android 4.0+, and Windows 8.0 and 10. It additionally adds support for voice input for Apple Watch apps, and enables IoT applications.

In conversation with InfoQ, Kony vice president of product management Ed Gross clarified that using Kony Visualizer 7.0, users can design and develop end-to-end Apple Watch applications including glances and notifications. Additionally, it provides support for voice input and multiple languages through internationalization.

Kony Visualizer’s main features are:

  • cross-platform and native apps development support;
  • flexible layout, based on CSS properties;
  • cross-platform, native and web widgets;
  • access to native device capabilities such as maps, Touch ID, etc. with no code;
  • code-less animations;
  • JavaScript support to specify behavioral logic and customize animations and native capabilities use.

All of the above features are available in Kony Visualizer Starter edition, which is free and allows for unlimited use for mobile app design and prototype creation. Kony Visualizer Enterprise Edition, in addition to the design environment found in Starter Edition, includes integration with Kony enterprise-ready back-end solution Mobile Fabric, the possibility to import native custom libraries, test and debugging tools, performance monitoring, enhanced security, and more.

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