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InfoQ Homepage News Java Champions Receive Free IntelliJ IDEA Licenses

Java Champions Receive Free IntelliJ IDEA Licenses

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Being a Java Champion has its perks, and thanks to the generosity of JetBrains, a free license for IntelliJ IDEA is now one of them. The Champions are the latest in the list of groups earning this special JetBrains premium, which also includes approved open source projects, students, and teachers. The Java Champions is a group of community-nominated technology leaders that are selected under a program sponsored by Oracle. To be inducted into the Java Champions, candidates must be technical luminaries who demonstrate leadership and influence in the Java ecosphere. They are often asked to provide technical direction, feedback, and opinions to grow the Java Platform.

There are 191 Java Champions listed on Oracle’s Java Champion Bios site, technical diginitries that include the likes of Java contributor Joshua Bloch, Spring project lead Juergen Hoeller, and InfoQ founder Floyd Marinescu. In 2015, 19 Java Champions were added to the program. In 2016, 14 have already been inducted.

IntelliJ IDEA has been enjoying increased market share thanks to its innovative approach to editing and development, and its introduction of the IntelliJ IDEA Community edition, a free, feature-rich subset of their flagship "Ultimate Edition".

JetBrains just announced an important security update for all IntelliJ-based IDEs correcting two vulnerabilities:

  1. Web-server vulnerabilities: A CSRF flaw in the the built-in webserver could provide an attacker access to the local file system from a malicious web page.

  2. Over-permissive CORS settings could provide attackers access to internal API endpoints and gain access to data saved by the IDE.

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