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Eclipse Foundation Releases IoT Projects

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Today, the Eclipse Foundation announced the release of a number of Internet of Things projects. These include: Eclipse Kura (a framework for building IoT gateways); Eclipse Paho (implementations of MQTT protocols); Eclipse OM2M (an open source implementation of the SmartM2M and oneM2M standard) and Eclipse SmartHome (an open source framework for building smart home solutions).

The purpose of the Eclipse IoT projects at Eclipse is to bring together competitors in the IoT space to work on open source solutions for interoperability and compatibility The Eclipse IoT working group includes 30 different membership companies, and the community has over 200 contributors working on 24 projects.

The Eclipse Kura 2.0 release is due shortly, and provides a way of using a Raspberry Pi or a BeagleBone Black as an IoT gateway, including a number of sample projects. It also allows cloud management of embedded devices, with a Bootstrap-based UI web interface and connectors to plug into Amazon AWS IoT, Microsoft Azure IoT and IBM IoT. This release also includes Apache Camel integration, which allows IoT generated triggers to be piped into an Apache Camel workflow.

Eclipse Paho 1.2 provides a number of open source client implementations of the MQTT and MQTT-SN protocols. MQTT is a low powered telemetry protocol, recently published yesterday as an ISO 20922 standard (having been an OASIS standard since 2014). This release adds WebSockets support for the Java and Python clients, a new Go client for Windows, macOS, Linux and FreeBSD platforms, along with automatic reconnect and offline buffering functionaity.

The first Eclipse OM2M 1.0 release is due shortly, which provides an implementation of the SmartM2M and oneM2M standards. It is built on a modular Java release, running on top of Equinox, and provides a lightweight REST API which can be used over both HTTP and CoAP, and a flexible data storage model for storing both relational and non-relational databases.

Finally, the Eclipse SmartHome 0.8 release brings a release of a framework designed to run on a Rasberry Pi, BeagleBone Black or an Intel Edison for providing smart bindings for home oriented devices, such as smart lighting and heating. There are many devices that are supported out of the box, including new additions such as Sonos speakers, Belkin WeMo devices, digitalSTROM systems and others.

More information about the IoT projects at Eclipse is available at

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